Awoke before dawn.  Happy birthday Bet.  Hurriedly dressed.  Turned on Keurig, hint, hint.  Ran outside.  Looked to and fro as chilly air kissed my cheeks.  Discovered Monday Morning chore already done.  The stone was rolled away.  Retreated to a space of prayer and coffee, hint, hint.  Quietly gave thanks to my Ebenezers. (1 Samuel 7:12) Stones of remembrance, if you will, God and Barbara in that order.  Sometimes it feels, their hands work together ‘rolling away the stones.’  I muse through exhaustion.  Are there other stones that need to be remembered, or just rolled away?  I’ve run the race.  Start line, Ash Wednesday.  Finish line, Resurrection Sunday.  Reopened for a live gathering to join thriving virtual community.  Why in the hell would I do this?  Gail, spoketh into my unspokeneth cries of dereliction.  Timing of the Holy Spirit.  Amazing.  Words of appreciation.  Still struggle to receive such words.  Could it be my DNA?  The perfect is the mortal enemy of the good.  So true yesterday.  Isaiah, Cortne’, Musa, Alexandra, did I remember to say ‘thank you.?’  Wanted all to be perfect, and you were so good!  Gets so busy doing, hard to discern the good.  Amen Martha! (Luke 10:40) Is life that sermon needed to be handed over to the Holy Spirit, because so overwhelmed with ‘rolling away stones?’  Options presented this AM, rest and recover, or muse stones away.  So hard for a tired mind to sleep or muse.  Still, I Rise.  Sleep eludes me, might as well muse. 


Speaking of ‘rolling away stones.’  Sunday, church resurrected?  However, how?  ‘Resurrection ain’t easy.’  LAZARUS MODEL?  Church unbound.  Jesus spoketh, “Take away the stone.” (John 11:39) Jesus spoketh, “Lazarus, come out!” (John 11:43) Jesus spoketh, “Unbind him and let him go.” (John 11:44) Maybe.  JESUS MODEL?  Empty building, out in the world?  “They found the stone rolled away from the tomb, but when they went in they did not find the body.” (Luke 24:2) Jesus spoketh, “Do not be afraid; go and tell my brothers to go to Galilee; there they will see me.”  Is Galilee uptown, downtown, da outta boros, all of the above and more?  Hard choices.  Revelation!  After two years of pandemic burial, did the Resurrected Jesus speaketh, has the stone been rolled away?  “I keeps so busy praisin my Jesus, ‘Ain’t Got Time To Die.’”  Mind mus-ic to the rescue.  “I keeps so busy workin for the Kingdom (rolling away stones), ‘Ain’t Got Time To Die.’” 


“O mortal can these bones live?” (Ezekiel 37:3) Lord God, you mean dem bones?  “O, mortal, you tryin to be funny?”  Lawd God, art Thou?  “Let’s singeth together, ‘Dem bones, dem bones gonna rise again, cause they all belong to the Lawd’.”  ONE MORE TIME, second verse just like the first!  “Dem bones, dem bones gonna rise again, cause they all belong to the Lawd.”  Lawd God did I ever say, you gots perfect pitch?  Sorta likes Isaiah yesterday.  Dem voice overs don’t always do you justice.  “Nor, do they offer mercy or humility.” (Micah 6:8) “I’m just sayin.”  Lawd God, why You in such a good mood dis mornin?  Mood seems kinda perfect!  “Were You There?”  When they crucified my Lawd?  “Did it cause you to tremble, tremble, tremble?”  Lawd God, it did.  “Then you must know why I-AM-THAT-I-AM (Exodus 3:14) be-eth in such a perfect mood.”  You wanna share?  “When the stone was rolled away, it declareth to all the world, I-AM-THAT-I-AM keepeth His Word.” (John 1:1) “He Is Risen!”  Lawd God, you are right, ‘He Is Risen Indeed.’  Since I’m up, let me go find some more stones to roll away. 

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