Me is risen, Me is Risen indeed.  That’s makes two of us.  Risen from a yesterday, worthy of witness.  Tired?  Indeed!  Still, Me Rise!  Not for salvation, but the sake of Monday Morning Musing.  Thanks to Jesus for handling da salvation part.  “Believe in God, and also believe in Me. “(John 14:1) Believe in ‘me?’  No not ‘me,’ of MMM, but the ‘He,’ that is the ‘Alpha and Omega.’ (Revelation 1:8) “Me” can be confusin, when more than one in a room.  Accordin to omnipresence, da “Me,” that is ‘He’ is always in the room.  The ‘He’ that is “Me?”  Say Who?  ‘Who’s on first.’  Say What?  ‘Second base ‘  I don’t know!  ‘Third base.’  What happens when thoughts of leg cramps, resurrection, baseball and Abbott and Costello, occupy da same Musin mind.  I luvs da liminal space of Monday Morning to Muse.  L-I-M-I-N-A-L, seven letters, three syllables, is that haiku?  Nah, the math is off.  Where’d you go to skool?  PS-4, back in da day.  Don’t believe me, ask Roger.  Is there a back story in that?  Possibly, but a mystery.  Speaking of mystery.  ‘He,’ not the me that is ‘He,’ “is risen.  ‘He’ is risen indeed.”  Rhetorical mind aerobics.  What a way to start the mornin! 


Week two in hybrid worship.  “There before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language.” (Revelation 7:9) “A tongue rested on each of them.  All were fill with the Holy Spirit, and began to speak in other languages,” (Acts 2:3) including ‘Euchee,’ an indigenous language spoken by Native American people in Oklahoma.  Amen Norman!  Beautiful thing to hear in worship.  What time is service next week?  Depends where you at.  Geographically or theologically?  Both.  Seriously?  Yes, Saturday, helped Musa ‘break Ramadan fast’ at 7:45 pm.  Ain’t that late for breakfast.  Possibly, but the perfect time to break Ramadan fast.  He led us in the fifth prayer of the day.  Sunday, Musa was with us in worship.  Amazing spiritual discipline, amazing Pentecost possibilities.  And we ain’t done with Easter yet.  This could catch on.  “All we are saying, is give peace, AND UNDERSTANDING, a chance.”  I feel good this AM.  Survived last week.  No drama or angst on schedule for this week.  Sit in liminal space.  Feelin good as mornin sun introduces itself.  “I feel good. BAMP, BAMP.  I knew that I would now.  I feeellll good.  BAMP, BAMP.  I knew that I would now.  So good, so good, I got you.  BAMP, BAMP, BAMP, BAMP, BAMP, BAUUUMPP.”  RIP Godfather of Soul!!!  Hear that horn section in the mus-ic of my mind! 


Lots of stuff goin on round da world.  Should I worry?  “He is risen, He is risen indeed.”  Just to be clear, you ain’t tawkin bout ‘me?’  Of course, tawkin bout ‘He.’  If leg cramps caused resurrection, we’d all be divine.  The resurrection of ‘He,’ is driven by divine purpose, not leg cramp pain.  What’s the big deal? The great mystery of faith!  “He is risen, He is risen indeed!”  Wow, that simple.  Should I tell someone bout it?  “Let Me Clear My Throat.”  Opps, that was Saturday’s message bout prophetic voice.  Sunday was bout da courage to speak da truth of da gospel.  Inhale the spirit, ‘He’ breathed upon His disciples.  Then, go and tell a-bout it.  Feel the fire shut up in ya bones. (Jeremiah 20:9) Then, go and tell a-bout it.  Good news ain’t ‘Goodnews,’ unless shared.  I see.  Then, go and tell a bout it! 


Allow me, as I close, to go tell a-bout some good news.  Feelin fire shut up in my bones!  Congrats Tuesday ladies, you now in print!  Amen Rev. Pond.  Congrats newly minted ‘Rev.’ Joshua N, da Spirit has descended upon thee!  Amen Rev. Pond.  Congrats Ashlee, bout to be a Spartan grad, dad drove all night to make sure!  Amen Ray, Christine and Marion.  Congrats to teeth feelin better!  Amen Orlando Bill.  Congrats upon a baby shower for Jen.  Amen Ohio Bill and Sybil.  Best check in on Clemson Bill for congrats, he always gots good news.  Amen Glenda.  Congrats on a new job startin today.  Amen Linden Alexandra.  So much, ‘straight up,’ good news, worthy of ‘congrats,’ best not add a media induced chaser.  Yes, I said it, “Straight, No Chaser!”  ‘Shaken Not Stirred,’ a whole different vibe.  Amen Philly Warren, da other MMM.  If I felt any better, I’d need to be twins.  If I missed some good news.  SHARE!  Not just ‘me,’ but it’s da ‘we,’ “who are witnesses to these things, and so is the Holy Spirit, whom God has given to those who obey God.”  (Acts 7:32) Amen church!  In the words of da reverend, Austin Carl, “have a good day, on purpose.”    

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