Up, woke, wonderin.  54 years, to the day!  Nine years old.  Witnessed mom wrestle a knife out of my brother’s hands.  Was ready to exact swift and violent retribution, for the mortal violence exacted upon the prophet of non-violence.  He was there in ‘63, so ’68 meant something.  Planned to take me in ‘63.  Mom said “no.”  Feared loss of two sons on the same day.  Two, too much to bear, for a single mom with a flock of ten.  “If you love Me tend My sheep” (John 21:16) Mom’s favorite expression, “If it was a snake, it woulda bit you.”  In other words, pay attention to the obvious.  “I believe, help me in my unbelief.” (Mark 9:24) Forgiveness, a work in progress.  Road sign should read, “people at work.”  Each blessed day, fodder for unbelief.  Lawd, hep me this Morning of Monday Musing. 


Why muse Monday morning?  It’s close enough to Sunday, folk don’t call or disturb.  Maybe cause Monday’s a, ‘look back,’ day.  What?  Folk still fraid I might ‘look back.’  Then invite them to a church service, they just missed.  Might even ask, before they land their demand.  Thank God it’s Monday.  By Tuesday, folk emboldened, cause all seems forgotten.  ‘Blank Slate to Formulate,’ it you will.  Wow, I likes that expression.  Did that come outta my mind’s mouth? Hmmm, another T-shirt idea!  Harken back to first.  ‘Get Behind Thee Satan?’  Flash the shirt.  Been awhile.  ‘Blank Slate to Formulate.’  Thou sayeth, idea not original.  What you tawkin bout Jesus!  Infringement on the forgiveness vibe of, ‘Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.’ (Luke 23:23) But Jesus, ‘Blank Slate to Formulate.’  Rhymes and does not require dramatic presentation.  But if it did, picture this, my Lord.  You up on da center cross, natural back lighting, perfect to silhouette your ethnic features.  Gives cover to thousands of years of ethnic re-identification.  Tall blonde Palestinian?  My foot.  Then Ya looks at da onlookers.  Audience gathered round, incarnate complicity.  Waiting for You to climb da stage, react in divine frustration.  OT wrathful style.  “Keep My Father’s name out your ^(&%*@ mouths!’  Instead, You utter.  In full hearing of the live audience, and 16.6 million viewers.  “Father giveth them a Blank Slate to Formulate.”  Cool update!  Headline News!  Will of Smith, you listenin? 


Perfect time for coffee interlude.  Wonder if there’s coffee in heaven?  Been led to believe You serve Chock Full o’Nuts.  “The heavenly coffee, heavenly coffee.“  Presumptuous?  You’re right.  Allow me to rephrase, wonder if there’s GOOD coffee in heaven?  Bad coffee is hell.  Walkin fine line between creativity and blasphemy can be spiritually exhausting.  ‘I believe, help me in my unbelief.’  ‘Where to else, doth thee mind, wander in its ponder?’  Dang, nother T-shirt idea!  Shakespeare, bet you jealous.  Thinkin bout slappin me?  ‘Blank Slate to Formulate,’ flash da shirt.  Luvs me some Mondays.  Gives me time to digest Sunday past.  Garrett, thank you!  Powerful contribution!  ‘Mindless Menace of Violence’ (RFK, April 5, 1968) served up at just the right time.  Brought Orlando Bill to tears, and a new level of evangelistic zeal.  Spiritual amphetamine.  You showed, emphatically, the whole church contributes to the preachin moment.  Can I gits an ‘Amen.’  


Call comes in.  Dammit!  My Monday Morning cover is blown!  Focus, focus.  Hard to muse with other people’s thoughts on my mind.  Musing Minds Matter!  Jesus, how did You remain FOCUSED, having to think on the sins of the world?  FAITHFUL, as Jerusalem drew near?  PATIENT, in the midst of ignorance and opposition?  HUMBLE, despite A Cheering, Chanting Dizzy Crowd? (Thomas Troeger, 1985) PEACEFUL, as violent atrocities happened to and around You?  FORGIVING, lo enforcement of a capitol sentence, on a wrongful conviction?  Were You There – When They Crucified My Lord? (attribution to the enslaved) Remember, “Today you will be with Me in Paradise.” (Luke 23:43) In other words, ‘Blank Slate to Formulate.’  Slow sip of GOOD coffee.  Dang, if it was a snake, it woulda bit me.  

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