‘Cumi,’ ‘Cum,’ ‘Kumi,’ this Monday Morning, perfect for Musing.  A beautiful day!  ‘The substance of things hoped for.’ (Hebrews (1:11) Just in case, where are my glasses?  “Blessed are those who have not seen, yet come to believe.” (John 20:29) Blessing received.  But, dang Jesus, I need to find them glasses!  How else can I witness to the majesty?  Used to laugh at ‘ole folks’ jokes.  Remember this one, ‘you so old, you took your road test on a dinosaur.’  Or.  “You so old, you need glasses to find your glasses.’  Now I realize, it wasn’t comedy.  Rather, subtle prophesy.  It’s personal now.  Time to act my age.  ‘Hey, you kids, get off my lawn!’  By the way, have you seen my glasses? 


‘Cumi,’ ‘Cum,’ ‘Kumi.’  In other words, “Get up!’  Polite translation, ‘Arise!’  Let me begin this Mornin of Musin, with prayer, a much older Jesus might have taught.  ‘Our Father, who art in heaven, hep me find my glasses, so I can pick up this cup.’  Revelation!  Gotta laugh at myself.  Got the punchline a little late.  All the years I though my mother was just being rude.  Yelling ‘Get up!’  To Awaken me from a dead sleep.  Instead, she was just imitating Jesus.  “Little Church, ‘Get Up!’” (Hint, Hint) Amen, Lazarus (John 11:43), Talitha, daughter of Jairus (Mark 5:41), Tabitha, a/k/a Dorcus (Acts 9:40) Y’all shouda told a brotha something.  “Arise,” has divine implications!  By imitating Jesus, and mom.  Happy Mother’s Day!  All this time I been mothering, and fathering.  What say you kids, who are now adults?  By the way.  Have you seen my glasses? 


More and more, yesterdays seem to leak into todays.  ‘Is it me or is it Memorex?’  Up all night tryin to put a bow on yesterday.  Can’t seem to tie the knot.  Gotta remember to be thankful.  “Interim?’ Yeah right!  One year of oil has lasted for eight.  A festival of lights, spirit of ‘Hanukkah,’ if you will, for ‘God’s best kept secret on 42nd Street.’  You know you’re tired when you hopes a COVID test comes back positive, so you can take a few days off without guilt.  Gotta ask.  Is this the new normal?  Maybe why applications are so low for the open ‘shepherd’ positions.  By the way, have you seen my glasses? 


What a beautiful morning.  Sandy, you can stop stressing about oil prices.  Temperatures arising too.  LOL.  Da Lawd has a word for you ‘Oil things work together for good for those who love the Lord…”  Romans 8:28) “Sunshine, blue skies, please go away…I know to you it might sound strange.  But I wish it would rain.  Oh, how I wish that it would rain.” (Temptations, 1967) Brothas, not today!  I’m gonna enjoy da sunshine!  “I wanna go outside.  In the rain.  It may sound crazy.  Yes, it may sound crazy, but I wanna go outside. In the rain.” (Dramatics, 1971) Brothas, stop bein so ‘dramatic,’ pun intended!  “I wanna go outside. In the sun.’  And dat don’t sound crazy.  Headed to da garden this beautiful day.  Tomatoes need tendin, cucumbers need luv.  “Greenacres, is the place to be, farm livin in the life for me…”  Oh, what a beautiful morning!  Amen, Tulsa Norman!  Went outside without my glasses.  Found them in the car.  LOL.  Jesus youze is something else!  If I had not heeded Your command to “Arise!”  Would not have found glasses.  Resurrection from the dead!  Recovery of sight!  Without it, where would I be?  Amen, Lazarus, Talitha, daughter of Jairus, Tabitha, a/k/a Darcus, and of course, Blind Bartimaeus. (Mark 10:52)

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