Valentine’s Day, happy!  ‘Of course,’ what else can it be?  “Now and then I lose my way.  Usin’ words that try to say.  What I feel.  Love is real, oh, love is real.”  Opening up a heart shaped box of Musing, this Monday Morn.  Love songs play in my Mus-ic mind.  Gaze out my magic window.  Mus-ic mind cues up The Isley Brothers.  “Well, well, well. Driftin on a memory.  Ain’t no place I’d rather be.  Than with you, lovin you, well, well, well.”  Love dat song!  Was da honey trap that caught da prize.  Thoughts drift to ’78.  Two turntables attached to a dorm room mixer.  Don’t believe it, ask Her.  Coincidentally, possibly, providentially, ‘juxtaposed,’ on da turntable, The Isley Brothers and Earth, Wind & Fire.  Could as well have been a Valentine’s Day.  Does it matter?  Reasons, faded to For The Love Of You, so magic, I left da room.  Returned, and there She was!  “Lovely as a ray of sun.  That touches me when the mornin’ comes. Feels good to me, my love and me.”  Memories, much sweeter than chocolate!  Romantic, am I?  ‘Of course.’

Each day through my window I watch for as She passes by.  I say to myself, ‘you’re such a lucky guyyyy”  Is it Just My Imagination?  ‘What you tawkin bout , Willis?’  The rush of optimism of new animal sightings!  Exhale.  Red Fox-x nowhere in sight, except for romantic mind’s eye.  Stored there, with a lifetime of precious memories.  Enough to ask, ‘ain’t I ashamed,’ and ‘ain’t I blessed,’ at the same time.  ‘Juxtaposition?’  ‘Of course.’  “Might as well, sign my name on a card, which could say it better. Time will tell, ‘cause it seems that I’ve done just about all that I can do.”   Standing at da magic window.  Visually inhaling, sun’s early morning iridescent procession.  Snow blanketed, pristine, landscape comes into full view.  Nary a footprint to attest if this is Red Fox-x’s preferred destination.  Keep hope alive, Bill in Orlando.  Yet, a wonderful frozen canvas, upon which to imagine paint.  Sweethearts candy, with lovely phrases now too small to be read by the unassisted eyes, overflowing from my mind.  Poured out into a masterpiece upon the frozen canvas.  Enough sweetness for everyone, with or without, anticipating or not anticipating; ‘Be My Valentine.”  ‘Juxtaposition.’  Where is God, whose love is a many splendid thang, in all this?  “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, to come to us and say, ‘be My Valentine.’”  John 3:16 on February 2:14, redundant, but it rhymes and flows…lol  “Day will make a way for night.  All we’ll need is candlelight, and a song, soft and long.”  Sounds like a plan.  Valentine’s Day, happy?  Of course, what else can it be?

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