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Darkness of the morning.  Turned on What You Won’t Do for Love. (Bobby Caldwell, 1978) Awww, grown folk music!  Feelin a bit frisky.  Raised a mug.  Contents began as water, then transformed.  Allowed fingers to descend upon and slowly caress the keyboard.  “Ohhh Papi, I did not know you could do it like dat!’  Time for some early morning thoughtplay.  Need a little Sumthin’, Sumthin’ (Maxwell) to lure me into the Rhetorical Healing of an MMM posture.   

“I can’t hold it much longer; It’s getting stronger and stronger; And when I get that feelin’; I want rhetorical healin’; Rhetorical healin’, oh baby; Makes me feel so fine; Helps to relieve my mind; Rhetorical healin’ baby, is something that’s good for me.” (Marvin Gaye, 1988)

Ya see, dis week, found love in da midst of pandemic.  Who woulda thunk it?  Bobby, helps me xplain:

I guess you wonder where I’ve been;   I searched to find a love within;   I came back to let you know;   Got a thing for you and I can’t let go;   My friends wonder what is wrong with me;   Well I’m in a daze from your love, you see;   I came back to let you know;   Got a thing for you and I can’t let go;   Some people go around the world for love;  But they may never find what they dream of;   What you won’t do, do for love;   You’ve tried everything but you don’t give up;    In my world only you make me do;   For love what I would not do…” (What You Won’t Do for Love, 1978)

A darkness yields to light.  Me, Myself, and I, simultaneously come to realize there nothing, ‘I Won’t Do For Love.’  God, I feelz ya on dat. (John 3:16) Are you positive?  That’s what the test revealed!  Are you positive, bout bein positive?  Not anymore, been ten days.  Now positive bout bein negative.  What?  To ‘mask-tercated,’ ‘vaccinated’ and ‘boost-tercated;’ can add ‘incubated,’ ‘infectionated,’ ‘insulated’ and ‘isolated.’  Might even try ‘inebriated,’ as I raise a mug, contents began as water, then transformed.  Wait a damn minute!  You wrote about ”unbound optimism,” just a few days past.  Did that come with a COVID exposure exception?  Didn’t know at the time. 

Man, your thoughts seem scattered!  What else is new.  Brain fog?  Possibly mysticism?  Somehow COVID exposure and God’s love manages to occupy same thought space.  Simultaneously at that.  How that be?  ‘Love and COVID,’ seems as trifflin as ‘Love and HipHop.’  I mean, when it comes to da ‘VID,’ What’s Love Got To Do With It? (Terry Britten, Graham Lyle) Strummin bass guitar. Like COVID, love a tricky thang.’ Like COVID, God’s love make no exceptions. (John 3:16) Should we?  Love, make you do, ‘what you won’t do.’  Like sacrifice One, “begotten not made,” (Nicene Creed) or attend a wedding banquet (John 2:1), when you shoulda kept ya butt home?  

Now that the secret is out.  Are there hidden blessings in this COVID, and Love Thang (Whispers)?  Wellll, besides salvation generated by love, time in COVID generated isolation, is generous when it comes to thinkin.  Plus, Sidney Poitier (RIP) movie marathons more enjoyable, when I can say, ‘don’t interrupt me, I’m sick.’  LOL.  Funny how COVID, “in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye” (1 Corinthians 15:52) caused thoughts to shift from, ‘build a chapel,’ to ‘am I going to die before chapel gits built?’  LOL.  The hidden blessing?  Love is a divine constant regardless how COVID reframes a question.  Beyond God’s redeeming love, all else is ‘Vanity’ (Ecclesiastes 1:1) Amazing Grace.  COVID, though not cured.  Youse defeated!  ’Lawd, I keeps so busy praisin my Jesus. Ain’t Got Time To Die.’  COVID may whisper, time is finite, death is never off the table.  God’s love reminds, just serve death up after life’s fully consumed and digested. (1 Corinthians 15:55) Burp!!! Excuse my rudeness death.  COVID’s less of a concrete indication, than a gentle reminder that we can die while living, or live while dying. (John 11:25) Right question important to ask.  Otherwise, ‘The Tracks of My Tears,’ can lead to dark places, and you’ll miss the Sidney Poitier movie marathons.  Needless to say.  At the risk of diminishing anyone else’s experience and the absolutely horrific COVID has inflicted upon our known world.  RIP Aunt Dot…  So positively spent time being positive, that feel less confident bout how to spend time being negative.  However, restoration of taste and smell, goes good with the awaited restoration of sight (Luke 24:31). Bobby, take it home; You’ve tried everything but you don’t give up.  In my world only you, make me do For love what I would not do…” 

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