Sunday evening dozed early.  Lost hour made me sleepy.  ‘Spring forward, Fall back.’  Exodus into daylight saving time.  Though an hour less to process, thoughts come from all directions.  Clash in my mind like an icy roadway.  Each shatter upon collision.  Shrapnel of ideas drips into my heart.  Bleeds unabated, yet not a ‘bleeding heart.’  Triage.  Maybe, Musing to a Monday Morning sunrise can slow the flow?   Don’t get it wrong.  Emotions mixed.  Smorgasbord; paella; stew, gumbo, if you will.  Ingredients range from sadness to joy.  “Don’t cry for me Argentina.”  Thoughts continue to rush in, sorta like the quick chill in, The Day After Tomorrow. (2004) Or Saturday past, if you will.  Felt about the same…lol.  Flash freeze.  Seventy-three car pile-up.  ‘If you think it’s butter, but it’s not, it’s Chiffon.’  “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.”  What the hell is happening in this world?  Man’s inhumanity to man, and nature, as well. Can hear nature speaking in its best Eddie Murphy voice, “Consequences and Repercussions?” (Life, 1999) “There comes a time.  When we heed a certain call.  When the world must come together as one.  There are people dying.  Oh, and it’s time to lend a hand to life.  The greatest gift of all.” (We Are The World, Michael Jackson & Lionel Richie) Are we?  The world I mean.  Semantics, economics, politics, or a certain call?  “Here am I Lord, send me.” (Isaiah 6:8)   

Three red birds fly by.  Dart into evergreen.  Blue Jay and Orioles land on the grass.  Where’s Ruthie?  Distraction or observation?  Grab camera, run outside.  ‘If they ask me, what are your names?’ (Exodus 3:14) You are that you are?  I’m cool wif dat.  ‘Here am I Lord, send me!’  Dang, it’s cold outside.  Don’t ‘send me’ so quick.  I’ll wait till it’s warmer.  Sound familiar? 

Good day, Saturday.  Despite the big chill.  Walked through, American Dream Mall.  Wow, the possibilities.  “Jah come to break downpression.  Rule equality, Wipe away transgression, Set the captives free.” (Exodus, Bob Marley, 1976) While walking, reflected on young minds.  Hours earlier, rushed in.  By the grace of God, seized retreat from yesterday’s thinking.  ‘Flesh pots’ of Egypt (Exodus 16:3) be gone!  Exodus, or Exodus?  Can learn from both.  Church, ecclesia if you will, first fruit of the Exodus, cannot reside in yesterday or tomorrow.  “Give us THIS day, our daily bread.” (Matthew 6:11) Manna? (Exodus 16:31) Suddenly, church made sense.  Moment of clarity.  First time in a while.  Ecclesia outside, looking in from today, shaking its head.  Not, ecclesia inside, looking out from yesterday or tomorrow, shaking its fingers.  Is the prison, inside or outside the gates?  Found much the same youthful energy at the ADM.  Wow, the possibilities.  Smiles and laughter instead of bombs and bullets.  Thoughts of mass destruction yielded to experiences of mass ‘delightion.’  I know, it’s not a ‘word.’  But it should be, cause it rhymes.  Every young sword, a future plowshare.  Every young spear, a future pruning hook.   To the ‘delightion’ of the world.  “We can’t go on.  Pretending day-by-day.  That someone, somewhere will soon make a change.  We’re all a part of God’s great big family.” (We Are The World, Michael Jackson & Lionel Richie).

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