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Church of the Covenant




The historic Church of the Covenant on 42nd Street lives in the busy neighborhood of Tudor City near the United Nations on the east side of Manhattan, New York. This past year the church’s structure and pipe organ were severely damaged from Super Storm Sandy. An adjacent building’s scaffolding had decks and supports fall many stories through the ceiling of the church coming to rest in the midst of the pipe organ chambers. After months of rain and snow poured through the open gash in roof of the church, the organ suffered tremendous damage beyond the impact which had smashed hundreds of its pipes.

The original instrument was built by the Hutchings Organ Company of Boston, Massachusetts in 1887 whom Ernest Skinner apprenticed with in his early organ years.. Previously residing on the right side of the Sanctuary, the M. P. MÓ§ller Company electrified the instrument in 1939 and moved the case to the left side of the sanctuary.

The casework has been completely taken down and returned to our factory workshops where it will be cleaned, refurbished and refinished. The few ranks of pipe work that were able to be recovered will be integrated into the new specification which will be appropriately designed and scaled to the church’s accoustical signature.

The organ will also feature a new handcraft console custom designed with cues from the Hutchings casework and serving the organist with appropriate sightlines and ergonometric control of the stops.

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